2017 Advancements pull quote

Today we recognize the promotion of twenty members, including two new partners.

“These twenty individuals, with their unique perspectives and inspiring vision, are a testament to MFA’s commitment to excellence and our dedication to making an impact on the overall success of our clients,” commented Carl Famiglietti, Managing Partner of MFA. “They are extraordinary role models who exemplify our values and exhibit the innovative thinking and collaborative style for which MFA is so well known.”

Please join MFA in congratulating the following members on their commitment, foresight and success: Devon Allary; Christopher Annand; Matthew Cahill; Ryan Clancey; Adela D’Agostino; Michele Dulong; Lauren Hannafin; Erin Hannigan; Emily Keating; Joseph Landry; Robert Merenda; Justine Munroe; Irina Moraru; Theary Phat; Jeanette Rocker; Erin Tobin; Kathryn Trautwein; Lisa Whittemore; Megan Carignan; and Greg Wojick.

Promotions effective July 1, 2017