Do you understand your state income/franchise tax nexus footprint? As the calendar year winds down and planning for the upcoming tax season is about to begin, now is the time for you to consider what your company’s 2014 state income/franchise tax filing obligations will look like. Understanding where you may have nexus is one important aspect; however, you must also understand what potential liabilities exist if you do not file a return where you have nexus or what you may be potentially leaving on the table by not filing (e.g., net operating losses).

This webinar gets back to the basics and takes a look at state income/franchise tax nexus from a practical perspective. See how the traditional nexus rules (e.g., physical presence) and the not so traditional nexus rules (e.g., economic nexus, factor presence and affiliate nexus) apply to your company as we walk through a number of strategic examples. Led by Shannan Cuddy, Lead Partner of MFA’s State and Local Tax Practice, this session is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of your state tax nexus profile.

This one-hour webinar will guide you through the following:

  • Traditional state income/franchise tax nexus rules
  • Economic-based nexus
  • Factor-based nexus
  • Affiliate nexus
  • Common state income/franchise tax nexus misconceptions
  • How these rules may apply to your company

Click the video below to access the full webinar recording.