Wall Street

This MFA Perspective is for business owners who are considering taking their company public. It explains and highlights the significant factors in the going public decision, as well as the process itself. There are advantages and disadvantages to this course of action, and this document is designed to help you analyze them in relation to your company’s particular circumstances.

The white paper is intended to provide only general information. It is not a substitute for specific legal, accounting and financial advice from qualified professionals for the application of the laws and regulations discussed. Please consult those advisors to obtain that guidance.

MFA is well versed in helping companies go public, from the initial planning stage through the final filing of the registration statement. We would be pleased to advise you and your company in this most critical process.

Going Public addresses the following topics: 
  1. Is Going Public the Right Decision?
  2. Making the Decision
  3. Getting Ready
  4. Assembling the Team
  5. The Registration Process
  6. Public Company Accounting
  7. Life As A Public Company
  8. It's Your Move

Going Public 

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