Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our affiliate company, MFA Asset Management, takes great care in guiding our clients through asset allocation, investment management and the multi-disciplinary planning that connects tax, retirement, risk management, and estate and philanthropic strategies with their deepest and most profound life goals. Our suite of Wealth Management services include:

Investment Management

At MFA Asset Management, our investment management philosophy revolves around providing our clients with dynamic investment solutions through deliberate and thoughtful investment analysis in order to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns. Our clients’ unique and personal financial objectives, cash flow requirements, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax situation are all taken into consideration in order to arrive at a long-term investment strategy.

We manage investment portfolios for our clients, investing assets in publicly traded stock, bond and cash markets. We employ proprietary modeling techniques along with exhaustive due diligence research to create solutions that mitigate market surprises, meet individual objectives and deliver compelling returns. During the investment selection process, which is vital to establishing the tone of a client’s investment portfolio, we screen securities for style bias, risk characteristics and return consistency. Additionally, we seek a combination of investments (traditional and alternative) that are complimentary and non-correlated in order to construct portfolios that are truly global and diversified. Our rigorous fund research process, overlaid with our industry expertise, allows us to identify high quality, consistently proven, efficient securities for our clients. This directly results in investment solutions that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility.

Financial Planning

Our team of advisors supports the greater vision of how wealth can be used to bring more fulfillment and personal satisfaction to one’s life. Through our comprehensive financial planning services we help clients look at both parts of their lives – the values and the assets – and build a financial plan to make their life’s dreams and goals a reality. At MFA Asset Management, a financial plan incorporates many aspects of traditional financial planning yet is much more meaningful. We pay close attention to the distinguishing elements of each client’s dreams and aspirations as we design and implement a financial plan that includes goal-based accounts with investment allocations that are specifically designed for each particular goal of one’s unique life plan.

Retirement Planning

MFA Asset Management draws on the extensive experience of our CPAs and Certified Financial Planners to create clear, actionable financial roadmaps for individuals both planning for and enjoying retirement. We take an analytical, “what-if” approach to retirement planning, helping our clients understand the future impact of decisions made today.

With special emphasis on complex tax laws and investment options, we guide clients as they accumulate assets for retirement, consolidate retirement accounts from different stages of their career, and optimize treatment of various tax-favored assets. We coordinate all of these decisions with estate planning, education planning, charitable giving, and other financial goals.

Tax Insight

Income taxes often represent one of the largest expenditures an individual or family faces each year. With proactive guidance, however, this cost can often be mitigated. Therefore, tax planning is central to everything we do. Not only is the MFA Asset Management team comprised of CPAs with advanced degrees in Taxation, but we are also affiliated with an accomplished CPA firm, MFA – Moody, Famiglietti and Andronico, that is fully versed in the subtle nuances of sophisticated tax planning.

Risk Management and Insurance

Risk management and insurance play a large role in relieving the confusion, uncertainty and anxiety that often accompanies wealth. At MFA Asset Management, we work with clients to help identify risks related to their overall wealth management strategy, including disability and survivorship coverage, asset protection issues and other matters where insurance may be appropriate. We analyze alternatives, identify possible solutions and provide recommendations to increase protection and minimize risks to the personal wealth and safety of our clients and their families.

Inheritance, Estate and Gift Planning

Estate taxes can significantly reduce assets available to heirs – by more than 50% in many cases. With this in mind, it is critical to make and implement the most appropriate tax-efficient planning strategies to ensure that no more of one’s assets are subject to estate and/or inheritance taxes than necessary.

Our team of CPAs and Certified Financial Planners take a proactive, consultative role, helping clients take full advantage of all available strategies, tools, and vehicles to protect assets from taxes and achieve the desired distribution to their heirs. When legal services are required, we facilitate this process with best-in-class providers, or work closely with existing counsel. We also educate the next generation on the responsibilities and challenges of managing wealth.

Philanthropic Advisory

For those who desire it, MFA Asset Management provides advice on the most effective means to advance philanthropic causes – from direct donation to trusts and foundations. We also manage investments that fund our clients’ current and future charitable giving and, because we are well-versed in the stringent requirements of the IRS, our CPAs work with clients to ensure compliance with all tax statutes that affect charitable organizations and giving.


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Wealth Management

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