Professional Staffing

Professional Staffing

Economic times have changed and approaches to talent acquisition and management strategies require innovation to deliver exceptional value to today’s forward thinking organizations.

Our affiliate company, MFA Talent Management, is a strong advocate of new and creative approaches to optimizing intellectual capital and believes a strategy built on the concept of injecting the right talent, at the right time, for the proper length of time, fosters competitive advantage and optimizes shareholder value for an organization.

Human capital is a critical business issue — it drives innovation and creates competitive advantage. Forward-thinking organizations understand the value of talent as a competitive differentiator and thus benefit from MFA Talent Management’s new and innovative approaches to optimizing intellectual capital.

Solving Diverse Talent Issues for CEOs, CFOs and CIOs

MFA Talent Management solves diverse talent issues for CEOs, CFOs and CIOs by plugging gaps in expertise — when and where it’s needed. They help businesses manage the delicate balance between critical shifts in their accounting, finance, business and information technology staffing needs with a growing demand for highly skilled professionals. In working with MFA Talent Management, you get a true partner to help you optimize talent solutions to meet the fluctuating demands and increasing complexity of your business. They work closely with you to thoroughly explore progressive options to maximize effectiveness for your unique situation.

MFA Talent Management stands ready to deliver specialized Accounting, Finance, Business and IT staffing solutions — often times a blend of contract, temporary and permanent solutions — to meet the immediate demands of your organization while simultaneously helping you to strategically address your long-term business, finance and technology staffing objectives..


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