Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting

Technology & Strategy Alignment

The secret to maximizing business results from your IT investments lies in ensuring that your overall IT strategy is aligned with corporate goals and objectives. Our team at MFA Cornerstone Consulting specializes in translating business needs into technical solutions that allow our clients to realize maximum business results from their IT investments. Their expertise can help you identify, design, prioritize and implement new technology, as well as identify which existing IT capabilities directly support your business goals and which inhibit them.

Project Management

Many organizations lack the resources and/or appropriate skill set to successfully carry out complex IT initiatives. In fact, most IT implementations fail due to a combination of three factors: (1) poor planning, (2) an ineffective work process and (3) insufficient management to ensure the success of the project. Our team of professionals has the technical expertise that your business needs to scope, plan, estimate, manage and execute on important IT initiatives.

IT Due Diligence

Perhaps one of the most important, yet often overlooked parts of due diligence for mergers or acquisitions is assessing the IT component of the target company. At MFA, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your target company’s current technical environment, including the identification of issues and financial implications. We take it a step further by identifying opportunities where you can leverage the target’s technology, and by providing recommended transition initiatives to ensure a successful merger of technologies.


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