Desktop Support Services

Desktop Support Services

Need to control capital costs? Lacking suitable in-house IT expertise? Facing involuntary staff reductions? Any one of these reasons may necessitate a need to outsource some or all of your day-to-day desktop support requirements in order to maintain appropriate IT service levels and fast track important IT initiatives.

The seasoned professionals of MFA’s subsidiary, MFA Cornerstone Consulting, possess a wealth of IT knowledge and insight gained from years of experience working with and for a wide variety of companies, from large established organizations to smaller start-up firms. By outsourcing the IT function to MFA, companies achieve quality support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a comprehensive, in-house staff of technical specialists.

Complete Desktop Support Services

To avoid large IT expenditures in the early stages of a business or to deal with budget cuts in a down economy, companies rely on MFA’s certified IT professionals for a wide range of onsite and remote desktop support services. At MFA, we understand how critical it is to keep deployed resources fully utilized and that’s why, in partnering with MFA, our clients are able to remain focused on their core business objectives, secure in the knowledge that MFA is onboard to make sure their technology and critical business services operate without interruption. Not only do we provide day-to-day desktop support services including installing and maintaining computers, laptops, printers and other peripheral equipment but we also provide the critical system and network management functions necessary to ensure little or no downtime for an organization.

Augmenting Existing IT Resources

For many companies, utilizing MFA’s IT expertise has been part of an overall business strategy that fast-tracks the completion of specific IT projects and complex IT initiatives, and allows them to achieve more with less overhead. Our cost structure, combined with our on-demand technical mastery, makes MFA an attractive alternative to hiring and training staff for what often amounts to a short-term, one-off project or periodic high-level technical advice.

Our Desktop Support Services include:

  • Day-to-Day Desktop Support Services  
  • Installation and Maintenance of Computers, Laptops and Other Peripheral Equipment
  • New Systems Implementation – Email, Backup Systems, Software Applications
  • Technology Assessments
  • Network Management
  • Training and Documentation Services


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