Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Fraud and Forensic Accounting

While most businesses would like to believe they are immune to fraud, the sad reality is that fraud is more common than you might think. Fraudulent acts cost businesses billions of dollars per year in damages. Whether it’s an intentional misrepresentation of financial statements or the theft or improper use of resources by senior management, employees, vendors or contractors, fraud can significantly impact the market value, reputation and livelihood of your business.

Experienced Fraud Investigators Give You Peace of Mind

When fraud is suspected, deciding what to do next can be difficult. Piecing together what happened, determining the extent of the loss and gathering evidence to support your claim can seem like a daunting task. The team of professionals at our subsidiary, MFA Cornerstone Consulting, has deep knowledge of and extensive experience in financial and fraud investigations.

Going Beyond the Facts to Deliver Insight and Strategy

A thorough investigation of the matter at hand establishes the cause and extent of losses, and also determines how the fraudulent act occurred in the first place. At MFA, we go beyond just reporting the facts. We help our clients to fully understand the realities of the situation and work closely with management and their legal representatives to set appropriate expectations and select the best course of action, whether it’s a settlement with the relevant parties or criminal prosecution.

Proactively Minimizing the Risk of Fraud in the Future

At MFA, we’re known for our proactive approach to fraud prevention. Businesses regularly seek us out for assistance in minimizing their risk of fraudulent activities through the development of effective fraud prevention and deterrence programs. Our team of professionals works closely with clients to identify areas of susceptibility within their current systems, processes and transactions. Additionally, we can assist in the development, review and refinement of our clients’ internal controls and oversight processes.

Spectrum of Services

Fraud and Forensic Accounting

  • Investigation into Cases of Fraud, Embezzlement & Financial Misappropriations
  • Identification of Departures from Customary Business Practices
  • Fraud Susceptibility Analysis (IT Systems, Processes, Transactions)
  • Development, Review and/or Refinement of Internal Controls to Safeguard Assets
  • Cash Flow Analysis/Cash Account Review
  • Forensic Audit
  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records
  • Determining Cause & Extent of Losses
  • Analysis, Interpretation & Presentation of Complex Financial Evidence

Financial Insight for Legal Disputes

  • Economic Damage Valuation
  • Financial Analysis of Proposed Legal Options
  • Support for Settlement Negotiations
  • Partner/Shareholder Disputes
  • Tax Litigation
  • Divorce
  • Personal/Enterprise Goodwill Separation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insurance Claims
  • Expert Witness Testimony & Reports


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