Business Performance Enhancement

Business Performance Enhancement

For growing and established companies alike, one broken process can lead to a myriad of issues, from minor hiccups to major operational breakdowns. Companies succeed by never being satisfied with the way things are and by responding quickly to problem areas within the organization. Recognizing and addressing these deficiencies, or simply identifying opportunities for improvement, requires a keen, objective eye and the ability to blend innovation with smart business practices.

Through our subsidiary, MFA Cornerstone Consulting, we take into account an organization’s unique strengths, challenges and the internal change that is necessary to address a range of processes, from billing and collection cycles to manufacturing efficiency reporting. By combining our business acumen in the disciplines of finance, operations and internal controls with the advanced skills of our IT Advisory Practice, we can illuminate the path to more reliable returns for your organization.

Problem Solving and Process Optimization

Stress on the bottom line can often be a symptom of business process issues. Our team works with management to identify the root cause of systemic business process breakdowns and addresses the problem with solutions that range from the reorganization of business process workflows to radical adoptions of new, IT-based automated processes.

Maybe it’s not “broken,” but it could be better. At MFA, we also help clients take existing functional processes and extract opportunities for improvement to optimally link people, best practices and tools. Whatever the objective — increased productivity, revenue enhancement, expense reduction or overall service level improvement — we guide clients through the entire optimization process to ensure that the end result is a more efficient, agile business process.

Business Performance Enhancement Services

  • Operational Performance Reviews
  • Business Process Implementation, Enhancement or Integration
  • Operational Reporting Metrics and Management Analytics
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Process Standardization and Gap Analysis


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