Fund Audits

Fund Audits

MFA has extensive experience in the unique aspects of auditing private equity and venture capital funds. Our partner-led, industry and risk-focused approach helps ensure our clients stay ahead of the compliance curve and maximize value from the annual audit and other assurance related engagements.

In order to ensure we are able to effectively service the fund needs of our private equity and venture capital clients, each engagement is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of in-house experts, all of whom have a solid understanding of the financial, operational and regulatory requirements of the investment fund industry. Our technical acumen extends from tax, financial reporting, internal controls and portfolio valuation to transaction advisory services and investment banking. This breadth of experience, combined with our integrated team approach, allows us to develop and deliver an engagement built on a strategic, market-based perspective – all of which helps our clients to better understand their financial performance and key areas of risk.

Our Approach to Fund Audits

MFA’s audit approach for funds goes beyond the books and records to gain insight into our client’s operations and corporate objectives. This approach significantly increases our effectiveness, enabling us to make more meaningful recommendations about various aspects of clients’ business systems, internal controls, operational procedures and practices, valuation techniques and reporting compliance requirements.

The result is a higher level of service that often transcends the traditional accounting firm-client relationship. We believe that out of this expanded relationship flow our best financial, operational and managerial recommendations for timely insights into new or emerging financial reporting pronouncements and requirements. Furthermore, it better positions us to put forth advanced valuation techniques, alternative capital resources considerations, enhanced operational measurements to improve reporting, and other strategies that contribute in a real way to our client’s success.

As seasoned auditors of private equity and venture funds, we know the majority of time spent on an audit typically centers on valuation issues. As such, MFA is unique in that it also has credentialed valuation specialists on staff who are able to assess related portfolio company valuations early in the audit process so that any issues can be resolved upfront. We take a practical, multi-faceted approach to assessing valuation results. This deliberate and proven approach leads to a much more efficient and effective audit for our private equity and venture capital clients.

Audit and Assurance Services

  • Annual Fund Audit
  • Internal Controls
  • System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance (SOX)
  • Other Regulatory Compliance Issues

Tax Services

  • Fund & Related Entity Formation & Tax Structuring
  • Fund & Related Entity Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Tax Structuring for Acquisition & Post Acquisition Integration
  • Structuring of Tax Efficient Exit Strategies for Investors and Management
  • Partner Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Compensation and Benefit Planning for Management Team


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To learn more, download our Fund Audits for Private Equity and Venture Capital Brochure.

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