Bank Field Examinations

Bank Field Examinations

Keen Insight and Steadfast Execution

MFA has provided financial institutions with superior field examination services for more than twenty years. In that time, our firm has proven itself a dependable business partner for lenders, one that understands the challenges they face and the complex nature of their investments.

Clients rely on MFA to quickly and accurately determine the quality of borrowers’ collateral for pre-loan and existing loan situations. The results of our examinations have aided lenders in determining the amount to advance their customers, as well as the quality of their collateral and underlying earnings and cash flows.

In addition to performing traditional field examinations, we are often engaged to provide consultation on structure and borrowing base formulas, as well as for evaluation of trends in a borrower’s business. We also serve as an ideal liaison for interactions between loan officers and underwriters or a financial institution’s internal examination group.

The Standby Resource of Choice

MFA’s bank examination services are designed to supplement your credit department with standby, high-level expertise and support services. We go beyond simply providing high-level resources, responding to your needs as they arise and on a timetable that works for you. MFA’s approach is pragmatic and designed to be sensitive to each exam’s unique environment, special requirements and specific timetable. Our clients know they can tap into our expertise at any given time, secure in the knowledge that MFA will provide the insight and energy to meet their deadlines and deliver exceptional value.

The MFA Difference

MFA stands out in a crowded field of service providers as being more responsive, more in tune with clients’ goals, and easier to work with. Our solid comprehension of asset-based and cash flow lending combined with our quick response, outstanding execution and ability to distill salient information has earned us a reputation for delivering real ROI.

Our approach results in a comprehensive assessment that incorporates:

  • A deep understanding of the nuances of conducting field examinations combined with broad industry expertise and a solid comprehension of the economic factors that come into play
  • The ability to undertake field examinations from the collective viewpoints of the bank, the loan officer and the credit department
  • An “out-of-the-box” perspective that applies an added dimension of thought to the situation at hand
  • “Committee-Ready” Reports – Our final reports highlight key findings and bring the most critical issues to the forefront
  • A sensitivity, understanding and respect for client and pre-established relationships


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Bank Field Examinations Brochure

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