Swift River Group

Our affiliates, MFA Capital Advisors and MFA Securities, are pleased to announce that The Swift River Group of Companies (SRG) was recently acquired by Eagle Creek Renewable Energy. MFA Capital Advisors provided consulting and advisory services to SRG and the transaction was facilitated by MFA Securities. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

SRG owns and operates a portfolio of run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants in New England. The green power generated by these facilities is sold to regional municipalities as clean, renewable energy. 

Peter Clark, President of SRG, commented, “I’ve been in this business for 35 years and sold projects from time to time but this transaction was one where the process, created by MFA Capital Advisors and MFA Securities, was most effective. Their process objectively presented all of the salient features of our facilities and maximized the value of our hydro companies. Throughout the transaction, the team worked closely with us to really understand the complicated facets of the renewable energy business. They extensively researched the small hydro project market, which put us in direct contact with potential buyers across the country. I especially liked the direct communication that the MFA team maintained throughout the three stages of the sale.” 

“Immersing our team in the hydro industry was incredibly rewarding, as was working with both the management team and the shareholders of SRG,” added Laura Moruzzi, Managing Director of the MFA team. “There is a great demand for renewable energy resources and an ongoing focus on green electricity in the global market. SRG and its founders are pioneers in this industry, they have been developing renewable energy resources in New England for decades and we are excited to see how Eagle Creek will help these operations further evolve as an extension of their ever-growing portfolio in the hydro marketplace.”

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