Proudly Announcing Our 2016 Member Advancements

Today we recognize the advancement of 22 members, including four new partners, who are passionate, relentlessly driven and supreme examples of what it means to provide truly distinctive value to our clients. At The MFA Companies everyone is a leader. As leaders, the voices of these individuals combine to create the foundation of an organization that is strong, focused and ready to move toward an exciting future for both our Firm and our clients.

“With growth comes the opportunity for leaders to emerge. The promotion of these 22 inspiring individuals reflects the exceptional talent we have at our Firm and the rapid growth that both we and our clients have been experiencing,” said Carl Famiglietti, Managing Partner of MFA. “MFA is a versatile, competency-driven organization. The stimulating work of these members and their unwavering dedication to our clients exemplifies what we stand for, and we all look forward to their continued contributions in bringing the Firm into the future.”

Please visit our Team Page to view the profiles of our newly promoted members and join us in congratulating each of them on their dedication, insight, and advancement.

Promotions effective July 1, 2016

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