Computer Hardware
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Computer Hardware and Peripherals

This fast-paced, highly competitive industry is known for its rapid shifts in technology, short product life cycles and the need to quickly respond to new market opportunities, all of which requires companies to operate in a perpetual state of R&D, maintain access to ready sources of financing and be open to collaborative business arrangements including innovative licensing arrangements, joint ventures and/or mergers and acquisitions.

For over twenty-five years, MFA has played an integral role in the business and financial performance of designers and manufacturers of computer hardware and peripherals. Through this experience, we have gained a solid appreciation for the intricacies of the business challenges within this industry, including the growth, flexibility, and performance issues these types of companies face. It is this high level understanding that sets MFA apart and uniquely positions us to provide computer hardware and peripherals companies with timely and valuable insight into best practices through all phases of their business cycle. In our role as trusted advisor, we deliver a broad range of invaluable knowledge and proactive business advice that allows these companies to develop and execute smart financial strategies and proceed with confidence.

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