An Industry Apart

Companies like yours exist on the forefront of groundbreaking technological developments and innovative solutions—and move at break-neck speed. Your business needs are unique and present complex accounting challenges, including revenue recognition, equity accounting, stock-based compensation, derivatives and other critical issues that evolve as you move through the various stages of the technology business lifecycle.

From start-ups and emerging businesses to expanding companies and global powerhouses, MFA serves a broad range of privately held and publicly traded companies in the high-tech arena. MFA has the expertise you need to keep ahead of constantly changing market conditions, capitalize on market opportunities, manage rapid growth and sustain profitability. The time, attention and expert guidance we deliver is what makes us an appealing alternative to the Big 4 and national firms.

Progressive Guidance

For thirty years, technology firms have been partnering with MFA to navigate the complex, ever-changing high-tech business environment and harness the power of their financial well-being to propel them to the next level of success. Having performed a myriad of audits and due diligence engagements in the high-tech world, we can provide valuable insight into business issues many companies fail to address, and can help identify the tax strategies you should be considering. With MFA as your trusted business advisor, you will find the support you need at any given stage of your company’s growth – during a critical fund injection, when preparing for a merger, sale or IPO, or managing the increasingly complex SEC compliance requirements facing today’s public companies.

Strong Connections with the Investment Community

MFA maintains close working relationships with venture capital and private equity firms, and can provide exposure to these and other investors who demonstrate an interest in companies like yours. Through years of interaction with investors’ portfolio companies, we have amassed in-depth knowledge, experience and perspective that allows us to add tangible value to our services, delivering results-oriented solutions that are based on a deep understanding of the nuances of venture-funded technology companies. We appreciate the importance placed on accurate and industry-specific financial reporting and auditing, as well as the need for solutions to help you optimize performance, manage risk, direct business strategy and prepare for liquidity events.

Technology Companies We Serve

  • Software
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Licensed Software
    • Cloud-Based Solutions
    • Mobile and Internet
  • Computer Hardware and Peripherals    
  • High Tech Materials and Components
  • IT Systems and Services
  • IT Consultants and Support Providers


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