The profitability of today’s manufacturing companies is highly dependent on efficient production and a strong and effective supply chain model. Larger entities often enjoy economies of scale in purchasing, production, and marketing while smaller organizations can compete effectively by producing highly specialized products. But no matter your size, market segment or product line, you have no doubt had to grapple with issues such as volatile energy and raw material costs, hefty R&D spending, large capital expenditures and additional cost burdens due to extensive government regulation. Adding to the complexities facing this industry are an equally broad array of economic challenges including high U.S. labor costs, competition from low-cost imports and the intense competitive pressure to move manufacturing offshore.

Today’s manufacturing executives and managers face pressure to excel from a wide range of stakeholders. MFA understands this and accordingly we set and meet high expectations with specific solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of companies operating in this sector of the economy. Whether it be audits with worldwide operations, domestic and international strategic tax planning, internal controls, inventory costing and manufacturing efficiency reporting, M&A or valuation, our manufacturing clients rely on MFA because of our exceptional knowledge base, deep understanding of their industry and keen ability to recognize the nuances that make a big difference in the final results.


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