Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Solid Experience in a Dynamic Industry

Today’s life sciences companies face unprecedented challenges as they seek to gain public acceptance and achieve market and financial success. From lengthy, expensive research and development cycles to grueling clinical trials and a highly complex government approval process, life sciences companies are particularly vulnerable to any number of obstacles that can negatively impact both their competitive and financial position. For these reasons, it is critical that life sciences companies partner with a CPA firm experienced not only in audit and tax matters but also one with high-caliber professionals who can address key business issues that can help shape their financial and market performance.

Overcoming Your Growing Pains

Successful navigation requires a team of professionals that know and understand the critical issues and challenges life sciences companies face as they progress through the different phases of the business lifecycle. Whether you are a venture-backed start-up or an established private or public life sciences company, MFA’s seasoned audit and accounting professionals offer the expertise and guidance required for success in your industry. Were you aware, for example, that federal funding in excess of $750,000 generally requires completion of a Uniform Guidance - Single Audit? At MFA, we make it our job to stay on top of details like this, to ensure that our life sciences clients can consistently meet the industry’s unique accounting challenges and regulatory requirements.

Unique Insights That Help Our Clients Succeed

MFA is heavily involved with early to mid-stage life sciences companies and the organizations that fund them. We maintain strong connections with venture capital and private equity investors, having performed a wide range of services for these investors and the innovative companies that comprise their portfolios. We understand what they are looking for in the companies they invest in and appreciate the importance they place on accurate and industry specific financial reporting and auditing. We are also keenly aware of the emphasis they place on optimizing performance, managing risk, directing business strategy and preparing their portfolio companies for liquidity events.

To put it simply, we are not new to this game and neither are our business colleagues in the investment community.

Life Sciences Companies We Serve

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology
  • Diagnostic Products and Services

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