Banks and Financial Institutions


High-Level Expertise Combined with Real-World Experience

For over 20 years, MFA has been providing its keen insight and steadfast execution to banks and financial institutions. By applying high-level resources and best practices to meet clients’ needs, MFA has consistently delivered real ROI through its examination, loan review and troubled credit support services. Whether it be determining the quality of a borrower’s collateral for pre-loan and existing loan situations, predicating fraud or assessing the extent of the fraud, providing bankruptcy support or serving as a turnaround specialist, our clients know they can tap into our expertise at any given time, secure in the knowledge that we will respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to assist them in their time of need.

Helping You to Make the Right Decisions Faster

At MFA, we pride ourselves on our rapid response time, incisive financial analysis and ability to quickly get to the bottom of complex matters. Our sophisticated financial, technical and industry expertise, combined with a deep understanding of the strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of businesses, makes us well qualified to address the complicated risks that institutions like yours are facing in the new economy.

MFA Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

Field Examinations and Loan Review Support

  • Pre-loan and Existing Loan Examinations
  • Consultation on Structure and Borrowing Base Formulas
  • Loan Review Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements
  • Workout Analysis Support
  • Accounting Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Quality of Earnings Reports

Troubled Credit Support

  • Troubled Loan Examinations
  • Financial Analysis / Forensic Examinations
  • Fraud Investigations and Assessments
  • Regular, Ongoing Monitoring of Operations, Cash Flow, Collateral and Liquidity of Borrower’s Business
  • Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation of Complex Financial Evidence
  • Insolvency Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Reports
  • Analysis of Financial Merits / Economic Viability of Proposed Options
  • Review and Analysis of Expert Witness Reports


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