Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is quickly moving to the forefront of both environmental and economic issues as it establishes its position as a viable, usable energy source that does not exhaust natural resources or harm the environment. Whether it be wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, bio fuels or even electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, support for alternative energy sources is gaining momentum. Governments across the world are beginning to show support for the alternative energy industry through programs and mandates as well as incentives to developers in the form of tax breaks, grants, subsidies, contracts and more. This in turn has helped drive continued investment in the alternative energy sector by venture capitalists, private equity firms and others.

This fast growing market segment is certainly bringing new and exciting business opportunities to the forefront but with that also comes a host of complex business and financial challenges including ever-changing regulations, large capital outlays, complex partnership structures and securing project financing. As a firm with industry-specific knowledge and a true understanding of the economic model of business, MFA has become an invaluable and trusted advisor to both start-up and established companies operating in the alternative energy sector. Along with offering traditional audit, tax, and accounting services, MFA’s team of professionals is well qualified to address the unique issues facing our alternative energy clients. Our tailored services are designed to address a host of issues, including:

  • Harnessing the full economic benefit of federal, state and local energy tax credits, grants and income exclusions for investments in alternative energy or efficiency projects
  • Determination and treatment of start-up versus development costs and policies for the timing of capitalization
  • Revenue recognition issues and challenges
  • Structuring of long-term contracts and project arrangements in consideration of resulting accounting and tax implications
  • Transactions — partnerships, merger and acquisition, IPO preparedness
  • Entity structure


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