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    Navigating state & local taxes

    Helping you to identify the full extent of your state nexus footprint, the taxability of your sales and your compliance requirements.

  • 2mfabannerrevenuerecognitionseminar

    Revenue Recognition

    The time to prepare for the new standard is now. Join us for a half-day seminar where we will take a deep dive into the widespread implications of this significant accounting change.

  • 3mfabannergaapadvisoryservices

    Specialty GAAP advisory services

    Supplying deep GAAP knowledge to assist you with your complex accounting issues and daunting compliance demands.

  • 4mfabanner360

    Valuations with a 360° perspective

    Delivering more than just a valuation report,we help you make informed decisions regarding your complex transactions and strategic issues.

  • 5mfabannerlonghaul

    Not your typical CPA firm

    Delivering forward-thinking, strategic solutions that go beyond traditional “nuts & bolts” accounting.

  • 6Understand, influence & grow your company

    Helping public companies succeed

    Committed to giving smaller public companies the time, attention and strategic guidance they require.

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    Insight into the numbers

    It's all about knowing how to interpret and use them to your advantage.

    That's where we come in...

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MFA Interior Header - Services
  • State and Local Tax


    Helping your company prepare for and respond to an ever-changing state and local tax landscape.

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  • Audit and Assurance


    Delivering efficient, effective and comprehensive audits on time and with no surprises.

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  • Valuation Services


    Applying high-level industry, financial and business expertise to produce more than just a valuation report.

    Learn More ►
  • Revenue Recognition


    Helping you interpret and apply the full range of revenue recognition standards.

    Learn More ►
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  • 143x143blogInez
    Inez M. Mello Named Chair of MSCPA’s State Taxation Committeeby The MFA Companies September 08, 2014The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSCPA) has appointed MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico Director Inez M. Mello to serve as the Chair of its State Taxation Committee [...]
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  • 143x143alertCA
    California Competes Tax Credit Opportunity UpdateSeptember 18, 2014On September 10, 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Business and Economic Development announced the application periods for the fiscal year 2014-15 California Competes Tax Credit [...]
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  • 143x143alert012114
    New Revenue Recognition Standard: Frequently Asked QuestionsJune 17, 2014On May 28, 2014, the FASB issued ASU 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. It takes effect in 2017 and establishes a comprehensive revenue recognition standard for virtually all industries [...]
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