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    Navigating state & local taxes

    Helping you to identify the full extent of your state nexus footprint, the taxability of your sales and your compliance requirements.

  • 2mfabannerrevenuerecognitionseminar

    Revenue Recognition

    The time to prepare for the new standard is now. Join us for a half-day seminar where we will take a deep dive into the widespread implications of this significant accounting change.

  • 3mfabannergaapadvisoryservices

    Specialty GAAP advisory services

    Supplying deep GAAP knowledge to assist you with your complex accounting issues and daunting compliance demands.

  • 4mfabanner360

    Valuations with a 360° perspective

    Delivering more than just a valuation report,we help you make informed decisions regarding your complex transactions and strategic issues.

  • 5mfabannerlonghaul

    Not your typical CPA firm

    Delivering forward-thinking, strategic solutions that go beyond traditional “nuts & bolts” accounting.

  • 6Understand, influence & grow your company

    Helping public companies succeed

    Committed to giving smaller public companies the time, attention and strategic guidance they require.

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    Insight into the numbers

    It's all about knowing how to interpret and use them to your advantage.

    That's where we come in...

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MFA Interior Header - Services
  • State and Local Tax


    Helping your company prepare for and respond to an ever-changing state and local tax landscape.

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  • Audit and Assurance


    Delivering efficient, effective and comprehensive audits on time and with no surprises.

    Learn More ►
  • Valuation Services


    Applying high-level industry, financial and business expertise to produce more than just a valuation report.

    Learn More ►
  • Revenue Recognition


    Helping you interpret and apply the full range of revenue recognition standards.

    Learn More ►
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    New Revenue Recognition Standard: It Can Wait… Or Can It???by Timothy Brown August 18, 2014Don't toss your freshly printed copies of the newly converged standard on revenue recognition in the drawer just yet…implementation isn’t as far off as you may think [...]
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    Income Tax Accounting Q&A Series: Tax Accounting Implications from Deferred Tax Liabilities Related to Indefinite-Lived Assets or “Naked Credits”August 27, 2014Deferred tax assets (“DTAs”) are required to be assessed for recoverability or realization. To be recognized, the likelihood that DTAs will be realizable must [...]
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  • 143x143alert012114
    New Revenue Recognition Standard: Frequently Asked QuestionsJune 17, 2014On May 28, 2014, the FASB issued ASU 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. It takes effect in 2017 and establishes a comprehensive revenue recognition standard for virtually all industries [...]
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